Become a Sponsor of Your Favourite Market

In-kind or financial support transforms innovation to tradition

Our iconic red umbrellas provide hundreds of market visitors with a shady spot for supper

Your sponsorship enables Malak Marketplace to operate a well-organised market for 27 Saturdays of the Dry Season and helps turn the vision of its three founders into a long-standing community tradition.

The market does not run as a commercial enterprise, although stallholders, workshop facilitators and fitness/wellness instructors may earn money from their individual businesses. Malak Marketplace is a program of  the non-for-profit grass-roots community organisation, Darwin Community Arts (DCA). The market was founded by volunteers and still relies heavily on volunteer and community involvement for its success.

In order to run as professionally as possible, Malak Marketplace uses grant funding and sponsorship money to help pay for casual staff (Operations Manager, Electrician, Security etc.) who must be there on every market day for the market to run. It also uses its funding to help pay for promotional and educational material (website, email facility, banners, newsletter, etc.) and infrastructure costs (furniture, lighting, generators etc.). However much of the work in getting Malak Marketplace up and running – particularly at the start of the season – is done by unpaid, but dedicated volunteers.

What your sponsorship does

Your support as a sponsor of Malak Marketplace can help the market run, create community, encourage organic and clean living, support stallholders and their families, foster local talent in the arts, support Territory farmers and promote other organic and/or similiar minded businesses.

Benefits to Malak Marketplace sponsors

“Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.”

Affordable investment – whether you can offer in-kind or financial support – whether the amount is $50 or $50,000 every contribution counts.

Find out more

Please contact us to arrange a chat – we encourage you to be as creative in your thinking as you can be so we can work together to continue this wonderful community-driven market.