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20 February 2020

MALAK MARKETPLACE IS stepping out of the ‘burbs and coming to the George Brown Botanic Gardens with a regular market in 2020!  Market Co-Founder Lina Paselli-Kruse says it was a shared vision to bring the organic market to the tropical gardens in the city. “The team at the Botanical Gardens have been wanting us there... (read more)


29 November 2019

THE LONGEVITY FILM A story about ageing happy, healthy & free of disease. This film is proudly brought to you by Malak Marketplace. The Longevity Film investigates the complex topic of ageing by documenting the longest lived, healthiest & happiest cultures from around the world. Filmmaker Kale Brock (The Gut Movie, 2018) visits specific communities... (read more)


19 November 2019

SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE 2019 And the winner is….. Malak Marketplace! The Malak Marketplace has exhibited strong sustainability principles in its operations and a significant commitment to eco-friendly sustainable development management practices. The Malak Marketplace began from a need identified for a clean local farmers market in Darwin focusing on local, spray-free and organic produce. It is... (read more)

Jimmy Shu @ Malak Marketplace!

6 August 2019

We had a ball last Saturday at the Malak Marketplace! Jimmy Shu, Darwin Restaurateur of the popular Hanuman, Darwin, visited our market to film Darwin Delicious! Darwin Delicious is an SBS series out in January 2020. Wooo hooo, we can’t wait!

Malak Marketplace Pop Up at the Botanical Gardens

6 August 2019

We had the pleasure of attending the 10th Australasian Ornithological Conference at the Botanical Gardens, it was a spectacular evening! If you would like to hire Malak Marketplace for your Conference or Private Event please contact us!

Malak Marketplace @ The Health and Wellness Festival

6 August 2019

Did you see us at the Health and Wellness Festival at the Darwin Waterfront last weekend? It’s so nice to meet a new side of town, and tell them all about our amazing markets!

Malak Marketplace Eco Cutlery Sets

6 August 2019

Are you being zero waste, yet? 🌏 The times of plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic bags and cling wrap are long gone! ⠀⠀ So, how can you contribute? ⠀⠀ 🌱 Use an alternative to cling wrap! Cling wrap is hard to recycle and risks leaching chemicals into groundwater. Instead, use a Beeswax Wraps from Little... (read more)

Malak Marketplace Shuttle Bus from the CBD

6 August 2019

Visitors, locals and tourists can now catch the shuttle bus from the CBD to Malak Marketplace thanks to our Partnership with Ethical Adventures! https://ethicaladventures.rezdy.com/303101/malak-market-shuttle

Let’s talk about our packaging

3 July 2019

As you’re probably aware, we are a plastic-free market. Yep, our market go-ers have the choice to bring their own containers or use our compostable containers. The thing is: Darwin has no designated recycling place to compost these containers. So although we are one step closer towards a greener market, the containers aren’t getting recycled.... (read more)

Food and Travel Magazine

25 May 2019

We are absolutely thrilled to be mentioned in the UK’s Food and Travel Magazine this month as part of their 48 hours in Darwin feature!