An Authentic Eco Tourist Destination – Malak Marketplace

22 September 2017

Malak Marketplace – Unique, authentic eco-tourism market experience and destination in Darwin, Northern Territory

Malak Marketplace is the only market in Darwin that has significantly committed its management practises and stallholders to eco-friendly and sustainable development.

A visit to Malak Marketplace from interstate and overseas visitors and tourists supports ecotourism. It can help inform and inspire ecotourists through Malak Marketplace’s promotion of cultural awareness and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Unique eco-tourism destination in Darwin

The Malak Marketplace provides locals and travellers from all over the world with a unique Darwin market eco-friendly visitor experience:

  • Locally grown produce (high on every menu is seasonal Territory sourced produce)
  • Locally produced foods (local cooks and chefs created dishes inspired by both their cultural background, ethnicity and their proud Territorian-ness)
  • Locally produced arts, crafts and souvenirs (nothing ‘Made in China)
  • Promotes businesses created by multicultural and immigrant community members
  • Supports community projects, workshops, events and small business owners/sole traders
  • Holds sustainability principles at the core of its operations.
    Its sustainable operational activities include:

    • Measured amount of water in containers for stall use
    • Free water stations are available for our volunteers, kids and public
    • Washing up and other waste are to be disposed of in the “water waste” drums provided
    • No liquids of any sort or oils can be tipped down drains or sinks. In all instances, liquid waste must be disposed of in the drums provided. 
    • Promote producers to use sustainable irrigation (drip irrigation)
    • Promote stall holders to save grey water for use on gardens
    • Management monitor and record monthly water usage from common area water meter
    • Promotes use of solar rechargeable lighting
    • Restricts stallholders to a minimal number of electrical and /or gas appliances per stall
    • LED lighting used in all our iconic decoration lanterns 
    • Energy monitors installed in main switchboard
    • No double adaptors used – power outages can be avoided by use of individually switched power boards and correct power distribution within the stall. Current rating of cooking equipment and appliances considered when using power boards
    • Stallholders advised to use gas cookers 
    • Strict shutdown time for electrical appliances from 8.30 pm, half an hour before market closes.
    • Stalls encouraged to serve foods that have low energy consumption per serving (salads, no- bake goods)
    • Stallholders may only use compliant electrical cables and equipment
    • Non-organic waste is taken to the most appropriate recycling station
    • Eligible containers taken to container deposit scheme (with the benefit going to Darwin Community Arts)
    • Organic waste is taken to a compost solution in Malak’s Community Garden
    • Plastic or non-recyclable materials are banned from Malak Marketplace.
    • Stallholders should provide paper bags or bags made from recycled or biodegradable products, such as EPI bags.
      Produce should not be bagged into non-biodegradable bags for sale to the public.
    • Stallholders must provide prepared food and drinks to customers in compostable, recyclable or reusable containers. Eating utensils, serviettes, stirrers should be single use and compostable.
    • From 1 January 2017 MMP will remove all single-use plastic bags, EPI or otherwise, plastic containers, utensils, knives and forks, etc. from all Markets. Reusable jute and large paper market bags will be on sale for customers.
    • Oil waste is collected and recycled by Fryer Fuels 
    • Market goers are encouraged to bring their own containers to market.
    • Encourage stallholders in the use of recyclable containers.
  • Offers visitors and newcomers guided market tours, face to face conversation with the local growers, farmers and stallholders
  • Delivers a friendly, safe, authentic and quality tourism experience
  • Preserves cultural and indigenous relations to land and community space
  • Values cultural integrity and authenticity in business

Malak Marketplace currently meets all the requirements needed to become a certified Eco Tourism Australia destination and aims to increase its connection with eco-tourists and travellers across the world through its online reach.


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