Clean Eating Workshops a Sell Out @ Territory Taste!

25 April 2017

The Malak Marketplace stallholders did a great job at the weekend promoting not only their stalls, but also the market to over 10,000 visitors to the Territory Taste festival. We think that may just help even more locals discover us on Saturday 29th for the first time.

The Clean Eating Workshops with market chefs Martin (Needle in a Haystack Street Bistro), Rick (The Buda Bar) and Lina (Paleo in the Tropics) were a definite hit. Crystal’s talk on Kombucha tea brewing also was popular, with all of the ‘SCOBY’s selling out too. 

One Clean Eating Workshop attendee wrote to say,

“Thank you so much for sharing your life stories and recipe ideas at the recent Territory Food Festival.
“It’s was fascinating to hear the reason why people choose to nourish their bodies the way they do and the amazing results they achieve.
“Even though this may not be for everyone, It’s nice to be reminded we all have a choice and it’s up to us to do the research, look around, ask questions and then make the best decision for us.”

This is very much what we will be promoting at the marketplace this year – ask your questions, do your own research and make the best decision for you and your family with regard to fresh, locally-grown produce and organic food.


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