Let’s talk about our packaging

3 July 2019

As you’re probably aware, we are a plastic-free market. Yep, our market go-ers have the choice to bring their own containers or use our compostable containers.

The thing is: Darwin has no designated recycling place to compost these containers.

So although we are one step closer towards a greener market, the containers aren’t getting recycled.

BUT. THIS WEEKEND IS DIFFERENT. Our incredible hard-working farmer Mike, from Organic AG, will be collecting all of the eco & compostable packaging to recycle himself!

This is amazing news!

So what should you know?

? Once you’ve finished with your container, head to a green bin next to Mike’s stall to dispose.

? Ensure there is no food scraps in it (there are designated food waste bins for that)

? Our food waste bin goes into our compost bin which is in the Malak Community Garden.

Alternatively, you can save the fuss and bring your own containers!

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