Local Indigenous Arts & Crafts

16 October 2018

Proud as punch! These Indigenous ladies created this masterpiece last week. ?

Learn about the different types of objects made from plant fibres – such as baskets for collecting food, knotting for everyday tools and nets for fishing. Maybe even purchase something for yourself.

Caroline, Joy, Alice and Helen Guyula from Elcho Island collect their pandanus leaves from the bush close to Leanyer Water Park, walking there from their homes in Malak. They work their magic to transform the pandanus into baskets, wall-art and more. Weaving skills have been taught within the family and it is definitely a skill that takes great time and patience to perfect. At the market you’ll get an insight in to the level of skill, dexterity and creativity required for weaving of this quality. The ladies create pieces from scratch and it is wonderful to see their creations grow and progress over the hours.

Explore Malak Marketplace and supporting local artists, especially with a limited number of Christmas shopping opportunities left!

Malak Marketplace, Chambers Crescent Saturdays 4-9pm (last market 27 October).

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