Malak Marketplace Meets Miguel

26 April 2017

He may just have been about to take the stage, but LIna, GM of Malak Marketplace is never one to be caught napping. We caught him just in time for a quick picture and it set Lina up for another day of the Territory Taste Festival last weekend.

Lina arranged not only for Malak Marketplace stall holders to attend the festival but for three of the stalls’ chefs to run a Clean Eating Workshop. Malak Marketplace definitely made its presence felt with great food stalls, beautiful fresh produce, smiling faces, posters, flyers and local flavour!

Territory Taste billed each day of the festival as 12 hours of power, and Lina and the team put in a hundreds of hours between them to prepare and promote Malak Marketplace so professionally there. We think they did an awesome job.

Malak Marketplace runs for 27 Saturdays throughout the Dry Season – that’s so many hours put in by volunteers and stallholders alike, so please come along and support their efforts and the community.

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