More Transparency when shopping @ Malak Marketplace

21 August 2017

Malak Marketplace is working really hard to make a difference by encouraging organic/local produce and products and sustainable environmental practices. 

Clean Living in the Tropics has devised the Clean Living Frond Rating as a way of making clean living, sustainable, environmentally friendly and/or organic approaches taken by businesses and
individuals apparent to consumers. Frond Ratings are displayed in our guide as a way of assisting communication and facilitating conversation about clean living.

A business that presents a claim of five fronds for example indicates that it has a very strong approach to clean living, sustainable, environmentally friendly and organic practises. Five fronds indicates that a business takes a very strong approach, four fronds a strong approach, three fronds a moderate approach, two fronds a partial approach and one frond indicates an emerging approach. No fronds may mean either that the business does not employ a clean living approach or has not claimed a frond rating.

We hope our Frond Rating is useful to you, but encourage you to initiate conversation with each business and find out the what, who, how and why.

Each stall at Malak Marketplace is given a frond rating to provide a transparent approach to Malak Marketplace visitors and customers.     

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