Musos Wanted! Take the stage at Malak Marketplace

10 April 2017

Every week Malak Marketplace will feature live entertainment on its main stage and its Breezeway ‘busking’ space. Solo musicians, groups, performers – some established, some just starting out. All will find a home on the stage or in a space at Malak Marketplace.

Give VJ a call!

If you are interested in taking the stage at Malak Marketplace, contact VJ on 0401 755 745. He’s a very friendly guy and will take even the most nervous newcomer through their first performance in a very stress-free way!

Malak Marketplace also invites groups from schools, not-for-profit organisations,  choirs, groups and other performance groups (dance, choral, drumming, etc). Performers are permitted to collect donations and tips from the public.

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