Lynton Tapp at Malak Marketplace

8 May 2018

Our second market for the year is tonight!

There’s a lot to be excited about:

? Tourism NT will be filming at the Malak Marketplace this Saturday with Lynton Tapp at 4pm to showcase our beautiful food and entertainment, and also our strong position on clean and healthy living!

? Our entertainment throughout the night (from 5pm-9pm) is talented mettaphor, bringing voice guitar and horns over funky beats!

? The Fabulous Fairy Jill will arrive at the Malak Marketplace with bubbles, circus balloons and plenty of kids games from 4:30-6pm!

? An amazing range of organic and non-organic fresh produce, pastured eggs and grass-fed meat from our local hard-working farmers. Pick up a beautiful Malak Marketplace bag or bring your own!

? There are amazing vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo healthy options for the health-conscious, plus some to-die-for naughty and nice desserts and so much more!

We are 100% PLASTIC FREE so if possible, please bring your own plates, veggie shopping bags, green containers and a set of reusable spoon, knife and forks!


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